During operation, vibrations from the gearbox are noted:

  • First, check that the gearbox has not suffered shocks during installation (check for any abrasions of the paint or damage to the surfaces)
  • Remove the ropes from the traction pulley and check if the vibrations persist.
  • Check the correct positioning of the gearbox on its support or bedframe, making sure that all the fixing bolts have been tightened.
  • In case of gearbox with external support, make sure about right alignment of the three fixation points (gearbox carter and external support -max tolerance ± 1.0 mm) ; check that the installation has been carried out according to the specific instructions, supplied with the gearbox, for correct positioning of the external support.
  • In the case of VVVF motors, check the correct setting of the inverter parameters according to the lift characteristics and, if necessary, repeat auto-tuning procedure: often an incorrect setting is source of vibrations.
  • In the case of VVVF motors: it is possible to perform a couple of runs with the motor connected directly to the mains, without inverter (pay attention to the position of the cabin in the shaft). If the vibration disappears, research the cause of vibration with inverter parameters setting.
  • Contact our after-sales service, describing the problem and indicating the gearbox serial number and, if possible, provide photos or videos of the problem (preferred).