What to consider if I need to install a new gearbox:

  • Before proceeding with the installation, carefully read the use and maintenance manual supplied with the gearbox
  • Check the correct positioning of the gearbox on its support or bedframe, making sure that all the fixing bolts have been tightened
  • In case of gearbox with external support, make sure about right alignment of the three fixation points (gearbox carter and external support -max tolerance ± 1.0 mm) ; check that the installation has been carried out according to the specific instructions, supplied with the gearbox, for correct positioning of the external support.
  • The gearbox must be in a dry and not dusty place.
  • The gearbox must be in a ventilated room, to allow airflow for motor heat dissipation.
  • The gearbox must be in a room with temperature in between 5ºC and 40ºC. For different temperature values, contact our after-sales service