Designed and manufactured in compliance with European Lift Directive 2014/33/EU - EN 81-20/50



GEM model HW134B is the solution designed by GEM for the modernization of old plants, calling for substitution of old gearboxes in accordance with EN81-1 and EN81-80 Standards, for the protection against cabin upward over speed and against uncontrolled movements with open doors (par. 5.9.4 of the EN81-80 Standards). GEM model HW134B is the solution for the 3,4 and 6 passengers, designed as a guarantee:

  • for the final end user : a low cost safety improvement for the existing lift, with the possibility to split into many steps the overall cost;
  • for the installation company: a flexible solution with the possibility to firstly purchase the gearbox prearranged, for future upgrade with the “HW134B emergency brake installation kit”, with extremely easy installation (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYL9ohsCtdE). The gearbox, when prearranged, can be configured either right hand or left hand, with regards to traction sheave position (on request, the traction sheave can be supplied dismounted);
  • for the maintenance personnel: an exceptional simplicity of operations, given the hand manoeuvre for emergency brake fully integrated with standard brake system, with simultaneous opening and closing of both brakes. Moreover, it is also available (optional on request) an electric control box, to be connected to the main control panel, to optimize tuning of the system.

The emergency brake on HW134B is certified according to the European Lift Directive 95/16/ EC and the relevant harmonized norms, it has been designed with utmost safety factor and is nearly maintenance free.

Technical data

Forza freno - Brake force FT: 3600 N
Coppia frenante - Braking torque: 780 Nm
Voltaggio nominale
Nominal voltage
continuo - holding: +5%/-10%: 103,5 Vdc
sovraecc. - overexcitation: +5%/-10%: 207 Vdc (1s max)
Corrente nominale
Nominal current
continuo - holding: 0,492 A
sovraecc. - overexcitation: 0,984 A
Resistenza - Resistance: 210 Ohm
Potenza a 20°C
Power at 20°C
continuo - holding: 51 W
sovraecc. - overexcitation: 204 W
ED: 60%
Peso freno - Brake weight: 14,3 Kg
Traferro - Airgap: 0,3 mm (+0 +0,1)
Max traferro - Max airgap: 0,6 mm
Range temp. - Temperature range: -25 ÷ 40°C
Classe prot. - Protection class: IP54
Classe isol. - Insulation class: Class F (155°C)
Dati micro
Switch data
Voltaggio micro - Switch voltage: 24 Vdc
Corrente micro - Switch current: 10 ÷ 100 mA

Examples of application and calculation of necessary braking torque

1. Balance 50%, useful load 325 Kg, unbal.ropes weight 30 Kg, traction sheave diameter Øtr=600mm; roping 1:1; the necessary braking torque is:
Cf = (Q x 0.5 x (1/r) + f) x 9.81 x (Øtr/2000) = 566.5 Nm < coppia fr.disponibile/available braking torque = 780 Nm
2. Balance 50%, useful load 480 Kg, unbal.ropes weight 48 Kg, traction sheave diameter Øtr=550mm; roping 1:1; the necessary braking torque is:
Cf = (Q x 0.5 x (1/r) + f) x 9.81 x (Øtr/2000) = 777 Nm < coppia fr.disponibile/available braking torque = 780 Nm
N.B.: The above calculations are intentionally simplified not taking into account further plant data as, for example, compensation ropes weight or tensioning devices. For a more detailed calculation, please ask directly to GEM technical dept.

Type of supply

  • Gearbox HW134B complete with emergency brake system
  • Gearbox HW134B prearranged for emergency brake system
  • Kit emergency brake system for HW134B
  • Control box for emergency brake system
  • Protection cover for emergency brake system only
  • Protection cover for whole HW134B gearbox
  • Bedplate with deflection pulley for HW134B
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